When I look at the segment section of my zpoints tab it looks like it's not taking the 6 segments with the highest point value. Here is a screenshot:

My profile URL is: https://www.zwiftpower.com/profile.php?z=267

I have yet to find the correct combination of 6 scores that yield a score of 2453. By my math this is what I think the six best segments and score:
Central Park Loop 12:59:00 PM 354w 4.6wkg 560
Innsbruck UCI Lap 39:31:00 346w 4.5wkg 505
Watopia Epic KOM Forward 08:53:00 PM 341w 4.4wkg 483
Volcano Climb 07:53:00 AM 326w 4.2wkg 389
Watopia KOM Forward 01:57:00 AM 412w 5.3wkg 374
NY Climb Reverse 02:48:00 AM 404w 5.2wkg 361

The summed score of 2672 from 560+505+483+389+374+361

If the score is the criteria by which the 6 best segments are selected something is not right, If there are some other criteria that determines whether a segment is better than another please let me know. If not consider this a bug report.