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Date Course
Monday 16th July Watopia
Tuesday 17th July London
Wednesday 18th July London
Thursday 19th July Watopia
Friday 20th July Watopia
Saturday 21st July Watopia
Sunday 22nd July Watopia
Monday 23rd July Richmond
Tuesday 24th July Watopia
Wednesday 25th July Watopia
Thursday 26th July London
Friday 27th July London
Saturday 28th July London
Sunday 29th July London
Monday 30th July Watopia
# Rank Rider
KISS Yule 700
# Rider Progress
Approved and pending riders
Contact https://zada.zwiftraces.cc/. Once approved all results are re-instated.
Waiting approval or have yet to submit
All riders on this list are under suspension until 31st December 2018 or ZADA have approved their real world data.
Name Age Strikes
Races Name Status Weight FTP Age Skill
ID Name Contact Info

ZADA and the 6wkg rule

Hitting 6wkg for 5 minutes in a race is an automatic DQ unless the race organiser has disabled that option. This is considered an elite level effort.

Every race in which you hit 6wkg for 5 minutes will count as a strike and be displayed on your profile.

Once a rider has accumulated 3 strikes from the 10th December 2017 they will be placed on suspension and asked to submit to ZADA.

ZADA is verification service and independent of ZwiftPower. Please contact us directly on our facebook page to appeal a DQ.


All riders on course are visible
All riders in the event are visible
Only riders in your category are visible
Scoreboard is shown at end of event
Late joining is enabled
No Powerups allowed
Women only category exists in the event
No TT bikes are allowed
Event is for registered riders only


No category enforcement
Riders may exceed the wkg boundary and remain in results
WKG Enforcement
Riders exceeding the wkg boundary are removed from results unless registered
WKG Upgrade
Riders exceeding the wkg boundary are upgraded to the appropriate category. However, they will appear at the bottom of results for that category
Age based categories
Results are split by age - A = Under 20, B = 20-29, C = 30-39, D = 40-49, E = 50-59, F = 60 - 69, G = 70 - 79, H = 80+

ZwiftPower Results

Variability Index. A calulation of how even your power was. A lower number is more of a TT effort, while higher suggests many sprints with plenty of rest. It is simply your Normalised power / Average power.
An estimate of the power you could achieve if your power had remained constant.
Avg 20m
If strava data is not available this is calculated from your average power using a modifier percentage based on time of effort
This is the lowest weight you had during the race.


ZPower riders cannot win in any category.

Some races will require a HRM be used. There are 2 options available - only those with a hrm can win each category, or all riders require a hrm

Most races enforce a 5wkg rule for all categories. Any rider exceeding this will be removed from results if not approved.