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ZwiftPower Historic Category
Average of best 3 races in last 90 days (4.1 + 3.9 + 3.8 = 3.9w/kg).
Riders may self-upgrade from their profile settings tab.
Mixed Women
A+ 4.6wkg and 300w FTP    
A 4.0wkg and 250w FTP A 3.7wkg
B 3.2wkg and 200w FTP B 3.2wkg
C 2.5wkg and 150w FTP C 2.5wkg
You may enter a higher category than the one suggested.
Races Name Status Weight FTP Age Rank
ID Name Contact Info


No category enforcement
Riders may exceed the wkg boundary and remain in results

WKG Enforcement
Riders exceeding the wkg boundary are removed from results

WKG Upgrade
Riders exceeding the wkg boundary are upgraded to the appropriate category.

WKG Upgrade and place at bottom
As above but riders placed at bottom.

Split into WKG categories
Riders are split from a single category into A-D.

Gender split
Riders are split into Male and Female categories

WKG Enforcement (Women)
Same as standard except B category limited to 3.7wkg

WKG Upgrade (Women)
Same as standard except B category limited to 3.7wkg

WKG Upgrade and place at bottom (Women)
Same as standard except B category limited to 3.7wkg

Split into WKG categories (Women)
Same as standard except B category limited to 3.7wkg

ZHR Clydesdale Weight Based
Group A - Athena riders 68Kg or over
Group B - Clydesdale riders 84Kg or over
Group C - Clydesdale riders 90Kg or over
Group D - Clydesdale riders 100Kg or over

ZHR Masters Age Based
A: 30-34 years
B: 35-39 years
C: 40-44 years
D: 45-49 years
E: 50-54 years
F: 55-59 years
G: 60-64 years
H: 65-69 years
I: 70-74 years
J: 75 or over
Female riders race two categories up, e.g. a 42 year old woman would race as Category E.

ZHR Audax
Group A – 3.0-3.5w/kg average
Group B – 2.5-3.0w/kg average
Group C – 2.0-2.5w/kg average

BRT Age Based
- PEN ( A ) : 38 years and UNDER. (Red Circle Icon)
- PEN ( B ) : 39 to 46 years young. (Green Circle Icon)
- PEN ( C ) : 47 to 51 years young. (Blue Circle Icon)
- PEN ( D ) : 52 years and OVER. (Yellow Circle Icon)

All riders given the category U.

N/A all results
All riders DQ'd with N/A.

Beginner Races
D — under 1.3
C — 1.3 to 1.7
B — 1.7 to 2.1
A — 2.1 to 2.5
All riders over 2.5wkg are DQ'd.

Junior Races
D = Under 8
C = Under 11
B = Under 15
A = Under 19


New York
All riders on course are visible
All riders in the event are visible
Only riders in your category are visible
Scoreboard is shown at end of event
Late joining is enabled
No Powerups allowed
Women only category exists in the event
No TT bikes are allowed
Event is for registered riders only

ZwiftPower Results

Variability Index. A calulation of how even your power was. A lower number is more of a TT effort, while higher suggests many sprints with plenty of rest. It is simply your Normalised power / Average power.
An estimate of the power you could achieve if your power had remained constant.
Avg 20m
If strava data is not available this is calculated from your average power using a modifier percentage based on time of effort
This is the lowest weight you had during the race.


ZPower riders cannot win in any category.

Some races will require a HRM be used. There are 2 options available - only those with a hrm can win each category, or all riders require a hrm

Most races enforce a 5wkg rule for all categories. Any rider exceeding this will be removed from results if not approved.