How do I race and or get counted in a ZHR masters race?

Thought I signed up properly but my result is NOT showing in the Atlantic Masters race from earlier this evening???

I used user name followed by ZHR (D) and just not sure what I did wrong??
I have the same problem. ..No result to day .
Jorsod wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:19 pm
I have the same problem. ..No result to day .
Mark - you are included in the results, not sure why it wasn't showing up originally.

The only DQs would be for failing to have ZHR(category) added to your name before entering the event (and saving it without removing the tag)
Any youngsters (under 30) would also be filtered out, as the lowest age group is 30-34.

Otherwise, the only reason for anyone not being included might be that they are recorded as DNF - perhaps a temporary disconnection that means Zwift/ZP don't see you as finishing the event.