Hare and Hounds events.
Just after some clarification to enter tonight's event.

I am a D rider but my average watts will be above 150.
Does this mean I need to enter C?

Seems that riders in the event below have not been DQ for being over 150w, in fact not 1 rider was below 150w.
Am I interpreting this incorrectly?



Please choose the correct group for you:

D - up to 2.5 w/kg and 150W
C - 2.5 to 3.2 w/kg and 150-200W
B - 3.2 to 4.0 w/kg and 200-250W
A - 4.0 w/kg and 250W or higher

If your average power is above the specified limits for your group, you will be disqualified. Please choose the correct group for your ability.
Hi Simon,

The key word is “and” - a rider will only be DQd if they go over both 2.5w/kg AND 150W. There is some leeway for new or borderine riders but, generally, ZwiftPower will categorise a rider based on both of those.

This was brought in because some riders, especially female ones, would find themselves having to ride in Cat A but they only had Cat C power.
Many thanks Robert
Have to apologise for tonight, as selected c, but accidentally hit d while in companion and it shifted me across to the d group and then it said I was already in C when I tried to move again. :roll: