TFC Racing

TFC Racing is the overarching group who looks after the Friday Criterium Series.
The Friday Criterium Series consists of 4 races a week.
We endeavour for all riders to be able to compete on a level playing field against riders of a similar ability. To do this we ask riders to take note of the rules and enter the correct Category.

From September to June we run a series of races. A series will consist upwards of 4 races. A full breakdown of the series will be published before the series starts.
July and August we run two four week TT series.
There are races for A, B, C riders and a separate race for the D riders.
The summer TT races use the “E” Cat for the main race where due to numbers there are no Categories apart from the D riders who have their own race.

A, B, C riders have an EU and an EST race at 19:00 BST and 19:30 EST
The D Category has its own races at 19:05 BST and 19:35 EST
You can enter either time but not both.

Riders must register an account @ and agree to the T&C's to be included in official results and leagues.

The D race uses W/kg enforcement which means that if you are above 2.49 W/kg you will be DQ.
We look at previous history so if you have raced in a higher Cat and made the lower W/Kg limit you will be DQ from the D race.

The main race uses W/kg Upgrade which will promote you into the correct Cat.
We do look at previous history and you may be DQ for entering the wrong Cat.

At present you race in the highest Category who have attained since Jan 1st 2018. This will be subject for review for the next series.

W/Kg Limits

A: 4.0 W/kg FTP or higher
B: 3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg FTP
C: 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg FTP
D: Under 2.49 W/kg FTP

Riders going over 5wkg at 95% of 20 minute power will be removed from results.
Riders going over 6wkg for 5 minute power will be removed from results.


Results will be produced by Zwiftpower after the race

A breakdown of the results will be published at:

The Friday Criterium:
For the purposes of overall league winners we use the combined EU and US results.

Further information can be found at:

Team TFC Racing
The Friday Criterium Series:

Above all.. please enjoy your racing with us.