say thanks to marc at 3r you guys fire first shots riders and mods plan my suspension.
and fyi it only while my suspension lasts so it marc sticky zp choice
As you are aware TT1 is a team of insulin dependant racers who have to deal with low blood sugar levels during a race that can cause a rider to loose consciousness if not treated. Our riders fight this every single race. Our C category riders now also have to deal with Choppa ruining every race with his antics.
When you have to deal with diabetes in your every day life, Choppa is not such of a big problem.
The two of you should hang your heads in shame over your decision to target all our races so that you can solve your problem within a game.
i dont think you get it. guys from all over the C group some who are now in the B group attack me. this mess is from the C group rider, they need to step up and say sorry to me. that would be good start.
Bath, please consider that you can be wrong. Steven wrote something so mature and real that you should listen to him.
facts outside of scope inadmissible
I was not in the series that got you disqualified, and have only read bits and pieces about it online. What exactly do you want an apology for? From what I can gather you think there is a conspiracy against you? Please enlighten me as to how you were slighted, I would really like to understand your side of the story. I race to have “fun” pushing myself in seeing how fast and far I can go. Choppa’s interloping into the C race has taken some of the fun and excitement out of racing. I understand that is what you are intending, but there is no way that this strategy will get an early reinstatement. If this worked, there would be anarchy in zwiftpower, everyone who has a beef with a race or result would use the same tactic and the whole thing would fall apart. Steven is right, in the grand scheme of life this means peanuts, but something I enjoyed and looked forward to is being tainted by something that had nothing to do with me. I understand you are upset with a few riders, and as you mentioned some are now in B, so 99.9% of the people who are affected by these antics are innocent bystanders. Here is what I understand the issue is. You followed Choppa off the front in a C race, and Choppa is a category A rider. You were able to stay under the Category C limit, but other riders thought that following an A rider to do so was unsportsmanlike. They submitted evidence to the race organizer (streams of the race I am assuming) that showed you doing this, and you see this as an attack on you…is that right? Please correct me if I am wrong. If it is right, here is my opinion. We have raced each other before, and a similar situation came up during the race. You went off the front with a rider who, when questioned, identified himself as an A rider who missed the start of the A race. I messaged that you were following someone who was not a C racer, implying that I thought following someone who isn’t a C rider gives an unfair advantage to said rider. You came back to the group and the rider was a DNF. I have no idea if this was planned or not, but you obviously took it personally that I said something because you messaged I was “in the hurt locker” and let everyone know what my heart rate was later in the race. My intention was not to call you out personally, but to let my feelings be known that following someone who wasn’t a C rider was not the right thing to do. I fully understand that everyone in the race has the opportunity to follow a rider who is above category to get a faster time and still be within category limits. It’s the C race, and unfortunately higher category riders race in C all the time. But the issue in my opinion is when you knowingly follow a rider who is not a C…that is when it becomes unsportsmanlike behavior. If this tactic were ok, the A riders would follow ZP domestiques for their big races. The race would then not be between the riders, it would be who could get the best rider to follow which defeats the purpose of racing. I follow you on strava, and you are right…you don’t need help to win, and that is what I don’t understand. You obviously are #1 in C, do you now need to beat us by a gap because you are bored with just beating us outright? My reason for riding revolves around my diabetes, I ride because exercise helps me control my blood sugar level. I have a competitive nature, so trying to get better and competing gives me motivation to continue to bike and remain healthy. Choppa being in the race certainly won’t stop me from riding my bike, but it does have an impact on motivation. My point being, your decisions affect other people more than you may realize and I hope Choppa decides to stop targeting C races.