Why wasn't a rider disqualified when over cat limits?

This is applied only when ZwiftPower's Historic category Model is being used.

Category Enforcement is taken from 95% of 20 mins which is toggled off by default so you can ignore the (default) average w/kg.

However, ZwiftPower allows a rider to go over cat limits by up to 0.2 w/kg but only if that rider entered their correct category.

This leeway would also apply if it was a rider's first race in 90 days and didn't have a WKG Category.

The live tab will display a rider's assigned category in the leftmost column. Also clicking on a rider's height in the race results will reveal their category info at the start of the event.

Even if a rider is over cat limits by 0.2 w/kg they would only be DQ'd if their raw 20 min power was also over the limit.

Cat C example

Rider A produces a 95% of 20 mins of 3.39 w/kg AND 20 mins power of 205w - no DQ.

Rider B produces a 95% of 20 mins of 3.42 w/kg AND 20 mins power of 199w - no DQ.

Rider C produces a 95% of 20 mins of 3.41 AND 20 mins power of 201w - then DQ'd with WKG code.

Those over limits may or may not earn an upgrade for their next race.