Big questions on the calculations for Rank points:

I won a Cat D race this morning. The race results on ZP show that there were 5 finishers in Cat D and 10 finishers in Cat C. I have been awarded points for this win as there was the minimum of 5 racers in my cat. My profiles shows 541.79 points in the rank column and an improvement of 7.04.

Is the 541.79 the rank points just from this single race? If yes how is it possible to have more than 540 points while winning? See below:

From FAQs:

Race Quality = (Average of the best 5 riders finishing in the top 10 places) x (0.9)

If you take any race and only look at the top 10, out of those 10 the riders with the top 5 best points are the 5 critical riders that define the Race Quality. For a race to be a high quality race 5 racers with a strong USAC ranking need to be in the race and they need to finish well. It is interesting to note that the 0.9 factor is applied to Race Quality to ensure that at a minimum a race is valued at 540 points, so that even in fields where there are not any racers with USAC ranking points it is possible to obtain a better USAC ranking.

Finally using the results from the Race Quality and Points per Place calculations an individual’s points can be calculated.
Rank Points = Race Quality + [(Riders Place - 1) * Points Per Place]

So if every rider in my Cat is new and enters the race at 600 points then the race quality is 600*.9=540.
That race quality is then added to [(Riders place-1)*points per place]. This is 0 for me... (1-1)*points per place=0
My resulting Rank points=540+0. If there were riders better than a 600 score who finished then my score would be even lower than 540.

Now the same calculation is done a second time against all D+C riders. This may or may not once again give me an even lower score than 540 and I believe that the lowest point total will be used again by the FAQs...

Two calculations are done to obtain your ranking. Once against all riders in your category and then your category plus the one above.
Example: C racers will be ranked against all other C racers and then against all B+C racers in that group
The lowest (best) rank is used.

Sorry if I am missing something but I just don't see a way to have more than 540 even against all new racers if you win the race. Isn't 540 the worst you could have for a win?

Second question:

Are riders that are DQ'd for things like WKG, HR,etc but still complete the full race taken into account for the calculation of rank points?
I have not dug too deep into the calculations like you have and nor do I intend to. I can trust the process and I am confident it works as expected,
It works best if you have 10 finishers in your category and less so if between 5 and 10 so an adjustment has been made for that. Perhaps that would explain your observation in the first point you raised.

Ref your second question I'm quite sure they are discarded and not considered as a legitimate finisher.
Thanks Sticky. I do get into the calculations a good bit. I am an engineer so it is in my nature to do so. Cheers.

i think lowest points for first race and winning are 540. Here you are right.
But your ranking points are calculated from your 5 best results in last 90 days.
When there is only one result, it should be: (540+600+600+600+600)/5=588.
Above Cat D there is Cat C you know, it doesn’t cost any more to enter :D
Thomas, thank you for the reply. I was not referring to my overall rank. I understand that my overall is based on my best 5 average. I was referring to the rank points that I was awarded for a single race that I won. The points awarded for my race on 01-28-19 was 541.81 when I had won the race.

As Sticky eluded to perhaps it has to do with the fact that there were less than 10 riders in my category (but did have 5 or more). Best I can guess things are calculated differently in that case and are not explained in the FAQ point calculation section.

Not a huge worry for me at this time but if anyone could explain the calculation resulting in more than 540 points for a race winner I am all ears.

Carl... soon enough my friend. Power is coming up and weight is slowly coming down. I am close to the 2.5 limit now, but I still have not been over even once yet. Give it a month is my best guess.
So what is the best strategy to improve your race ranking points? Join large races? Win against tougher competitors with higher rankings?

Thanks for your reply.
Race against better competition. "To improve ranking, a rider must beat riders who are currently ranked stronger"

So having tough competition is key. I won several races but they never had really good competition. That makes it hard if not impossible to jump into the top 10 of Cat D for me.

Just make sure there are at least 5 racers.