I'm a middleweight C rider. I'm pack fodder in any moderately attended race because the heavyweight 3wkg racers crush me on the flat races and the lightweight 3wkg racers crush me on the climbing races. I won't be making big moves on the race rankings any time soon, so I'm focusing on ZPoints while I work on getting faster. (Thank you for an alternate ranking system that gives us pack fodder guys something to chase.)

Choosing races that net me new ZPoints segments seems impossible due to what looks like data issues.

Putting on my data modeler hat and guessing at ZP's data model, I'd think the relationship between Course and Segment has referential integrity issues, causing segments to show up on courses that don't actually include them and causing the segment to show up on races that use courses that don't include them. I'd also think the relationship between some combination of Event, Course, and Segment has RI issues that cause races to be missed from the segment's Events button list (or the query is messed up). I'd also expect that the examples below are not the only cases. They may be enough to guide data and code analysis to find the root causes and clean up all cases.

Any help figuring out how to determine which races include which ZPoints segments (I know to look at Leandro's profile for a list of segments) is appreciated.

Watopia Races in London
I sorted the Fox Hill segment results ( by date, trying to find recent races that include Fox Hill so I can guess which routes include the segment ZP uses. All times below are US Eastern time.
* On 9 Nov 2018, I see results for the WBR 1 Lap Flat Race (
* A WBR flat race including Fox Hill seemed odd to me.
* When I clicked on the race, it said it was 1 lap of the Watopia Flat Route, which has a length consistent with the length in the race title.
* Sprints & KOMs for the race show Reverse Sprint (with no times) and Fox Hill (times ranging from 5:47 to 8:56).
* The most recent result on Fox Hill (14 Nov 2018) is for a race that claims to be on the Watopia Hilly Route (

I'm not sure if the race information is wrong, Fox Hill is/was somehow linked to the race and got erroneous results, or something else.

Event List Inconsistent with Segment Events Button
Stars on the Event list (tooltip: race counts for skills) don't agree with results of the Events button on the Segment pages.
*A 2 lap London Loop Reverse race at 24 Nov 2018 2:20 AM has no star on the Event list, but is listed when I click the Events button on the Fox Hill segment page.

Segments Events Button Inconsistent with Past Races
Courses for past races, even recent past races, don't agree with courses on the segment Events button.
* A 2 lap London Loop race at 24 Nov 2018 9:15 AM ( with no star is not listed on Box Hill's Events list or London Loop's Events list.
* The course profile for the race seems to include a segment that looks like Box Hill.
* The best time for Box Hill (Leandro's) is for the same race in July 2018.
* A 14 Nov 2018 race that was also a 2 Lap London Loop race ( shows up on Box Hill times (includes columns in Sprints/KOMs for Box and London Loop with times for all riders).
* The Events button for Box Hill ( shows only races on the London 8, Greater London 8, and London PRL Half.

More Strange Data
* The most recent Box Hill result (14 Nov 2018) is for a race on the Volcano CCW (
* The Sprints/KOMs view for the race includes columns for Box Hill and London Loop on Sprints/KOMs, but no times.
* A rider ( who does not appear in the race results shows up on Box Hill for the race (time 6:17).
* That rider's Profile results do not include the race shown on the Box Hill results, but Box Hill at 6:17 appears on his ZPoints segments.
* The rider's results say he participated in a event ( on the Volcano Flat with a duration of 44 minutes, not a set number of laps, category E, allows late joins. That description sounds like a workout or ride, not a race
* On 21 Nov 2018 (1 week later) the rider completed an event with the same title, day of week, time, etc., that is not listed in the main Events page results for 21 Nov 2018. (I see results before and after the time, but not the event.)
* I see several events titled "Top-End Tuning" on the ZwiftHacks upcoming event list. Each has the same duration, category and allows late joins as the rider's 14 Nov 2018 result. They are all workouts, not races.
* The rider does not appear in the event participants list for the 14 Nov 2018 event. I'm guessing because he has a MAP flag on the event. If the event is not a race, not sure why he'd get flagged.
* The event's Sprint/KOM view lists Box Hill and London Loop with no results.
* Based on the above information, it seems the rider is somehow related to a race he didn't join that includes segments it shouldn't include and got a time for one of those segments even though he was disqualified (???), though the DQ is questionable given the event he's DQed for doesn't seem to be a race.