It’s not a bug – it’s an undocumented feature.
why do so many riders have the zimbabawe flag beside their name? and their country as zwifterland? i've noticed my scottish flag is not showing beside my name on here.
Problem at zwift end; change to UK until it gets sorted.
Just thought I would mention that this is still happening, is there any sign of a resolve? Thanks
i've heard Nicola Sturgeon is on the case :D
At least we know if Nicola’s on it then it will never get fixed😢
Lucky I’m originally from Zimbabwe 😀💪💪
Hey, I'm in Scotland too. It would be nice to get the same flag in Zwift and in ZP. Any chance of a fix?
The fix needs to done by Zwift and they are not in any hurry to do so.
Thanks Sticky, no worries!