WHY was i DQ from the 3R Ultimate Racing League, under what Rule? Thanks.
The DQ’s have been applied after we ‘3R race control’ received a number of complaints regarding unsportsmanlike behaviour. The 3R race control panel has reviewed the complaints and looked at evidence presented to us. We believe there is sufficient evidence to suggest unsporting behaviour. We consider the use of a higher category rider, A in this case, entering a C race with the sole purpose of helping another racer to victory is indeed unsportsmanlike. In the races where this is evident, we have decided a DQ is suitable punishment. This is done under our unsporting manner rule. Quote “Any rider riding unrealistically or in the wrong category, being abusive, or acting in an unsporting manner may be removed from the results at the organisers' discretion”
If you are able to prove otherwise then we will happily review the decision we have reached.

3R Race Control
Like you, I have no control over who does or doesn't enter races and how they ride, all the races came down to sprint finishes often winning by mere fractions of a second, I had no advantage over anyone considering whatever conditions may have taken place, everyone participated under the same conditions, you're arbitrarily singling me out, I get it I'm not on your Christmas card list, but you don't need to make unfounded decisions. El Choppa is not happy with your decision, whatever choices he makes are his alone, I have nothing to do with that. I did nothing unsportsmanlike, there's no proof of unsportsmanlike conduct, remember, burden of proof is on the accuser.

What happened yesterday was the most unsportmanship example I ever witnessed.

Deliberately destroying the race without respecting the racers.
Are you kidding me? The only way to NOT see that "Freebathsalt choppa" are in the race only to help you (and make a dusin people get dropped) is to not be in the race. Everyone sees it, and have told you alot of times. Obviusly he is only racing because you want/need him to help you.
Like the stage up the volcano, he was pulling you all over the course and tried to make a huge gap for you before the climb and quit the race just before the finishline.

Just look at hes number on ZP.

If you agree that this is not fair that the A cat rider race against us, then you would`nt go on all those breakaways with him and the problem would not exist. (you are the only rider that go in those breaks)

You know he get DQ, so that you are glued to hes wheel from start to finish when you know it destroy the race dynamic show how poor you are.
Does GETTOTHECHOPPA regularly race Cat C when bathsalts is racing?

Obviously if he is dropping out it's not being flagged on ZP.
I dont need Choppa, Help to win FYI, i can do that Solo!
Well, the TT Stage tells another story ;)
I disagree Bath Salts, you can only win if you get the draft from CHOPPA this enables you use less watts so you can push harder than the rest of us on climbs and sprints but still just stay under Cat limits. so not really fair is it !!
3 races out of 484 races lol oh right you guys are so funny, Do you guys now "why choppa did this (update)" ask Richard Dalen what he did to my Strava, that was SO unsportmanship very Low.

You guys attack me first.