I am new to ZP, and have only ridden/raced a few events.

This morning during the '3R Richmond UCI Hilly Race - 2 Laps (32.4km/18.1mi 284m)' event at 0505 GMT-5, I rode in the B group but my HR was not recorded on Zwift itself. Because I'm a wee bit neurotic, I run my Garmin concurrently to get L/R power and stuff that I just like to see, and press stop/start as close to the event times as possible. The Garmin unit did capture my HR data properly.

Because I was disqualified on ZP for "HR", is there somebody/someplace I can submit my Garmin file as verification of my HR during the exact same time period? I realize I'm nowhere close to the pointy end of these races, but would like to gain as much experience and ZPoints as possible. Suggestions?