Hello and thanks for the work that goes into ZP and the 3R/WBR series. I participated in the 3R Figure 8 Hilly Race today and received a DNF despite finishing. I'm not sure of the reason but I was racing up in B (I'm normally a C rider) for the first time and I didn't end the session right after the finish line, instead did a cool down for about ten minutes.

Here's the event in question:

Is there any way to appeal and get my results included? I don't think it will affect the podiums, but it's nice to be counted since I did complete the race.

Was your watt/kg higher than the B group spread?
Do you have a HR monitor linked when you ride?

I get DQd all the time for not having a HR monitor, which is a requirement for placing in most races. I
Actually, my wkg was lower than the B range. If I'd stuck with my C category, I'd probably have placed or at least been with the bunch sprinting at the finish. Just trying to stretch myself a bit so I thought I'd try to hang with the B's today.

And, yes, I wear a HR monitor.
Hey, just checked results again and it seems I've been included now, although some of my metrics are still being calculated. I guess the system may be running slower than normal with all the Tour de Zwift riders who are on? In any case, all seems to be well now. Thanks.