Just took part in my second race - WBR 3 Laps Volcano Flat (36.6km/22.7mi) at 15:05 BST. I have picked Category D when I registered on Zwift, but when I looked at the results my name wasn't in the Results. If I click on Unfiltered then I am down as a Category A and if I look at my Zwift Profile it has a HR14 next to it.

I've only done 1 event prior to this and it showed the results correctly. Have I done something wrong or is a blip with Zwift Power?

Thanks for any help. Scott
You somehow entered Cat A by mistake, and that requires everyone to wear a HRM. HR14 means you would have finished 14th in that Cat otherwise.
Cheers i’ll make sure I’m in the right category next time 👍