I entered this challenge and currently show a total of 1,421 km, before my ride today. According to the rules, any ride started before 19:21 GMT on December 10th would count in the totals. I completed 126.2 km with the Kalas at Second Base ride, which started at 12 noon EST (or 17:00 GMT) today. However, this ride is not posting to my totals, pushing me over the 1,500km threshold and the results now indicate that the challenge is closed.

Could anyone provide insight? To whomever organized this - if this is an error - can it be remedied?

Thank you.
A final tally will be conducted tomorrow.
I just checked my result from the Lunar Cycle 700 2019
And I can see, that my km is wrong. I just checked it manualy.
I updated my activity list yesterday, and a ride from january 7 and 9 got added, but it's not in the total distance counted, anyway it could get updated?
Those 2 rides, would bring me to 700+ and the badge.