Please use this thread to store your comparative observations after racing the KISS Labs Test Races. :ugeek:
Race 1: normal race pattern for me of holding main blob until pressure point and in to a chase group of 5/6. Group draft good - able to easily sit 1-1.5 W/Kg below on front rider. Group did not work well enough to progress and caught by one behind. Had to bail 1-1.5Km out to make second test race.

Conclusions: Draft model good for chase groups. Need to space test races better to allow all (not just front blob) to participate and complete both.

Race 2: knackered and dropped faster but Unable to fully attribute to draft factor. Ended up isolated so cannot comment on how behaves for chase group. Only person I did catch was on ZP or erg mode. They were running 3.6 W/Kg which I should have easily held on to at 3w/Kg in either draft mode. It Seemed not so “sticky” as normal. A Factor of them being ZP/erg or the draft mode?

Conclusion: not so useful input from me but draft certainly seemed less “sticky”

Jon Steadman [KRT] B
As a CAT D rider I was unable to finish race 1 before teleporting back to the starting pens for race 2.

In race 1 I was in a small group of 4 to 5 riders for most of the duration. There was some escapes off the front but these generally ended with the group reforming.

Whereas in race 2 the group broke up much sooner and I rode some distance with a single companion but then finished alone with my nearest riders, both also solo, more than a minute in front and behind me.

I enjoyed race 1 more than 2 because of the group dynamics.

Reverse watopia hilly - 2 laps x 2 - Sunday night.

End of a 3 week block for me so was really tired and forced myself to do both races to overload. Hurt!

Race 1 (doubledraft) - was easier to to recover from efforts in draft so felt "smooth". Could even feel the draft on the second part of the KOM.

Race 2 (normaldraft) - felt unnatural at first and kept having to burst to catch draft again. KOM felt harder but not sure if that's because there were more attacks, I was even more tired, or the multiple spikes in power were really due to less draft. Yet KOM was 20 secs slower going up KOM and 2 lap race was 1 min slower.

I think DD "feels" more like IRL but it is exacerbating whatever it is about the Zwift speed/resistance algorithm and the blob effect that makes the speed unnaturally high.