This is a Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy circuit race. We’ll do 4 laps of the London Classique course. The course is fast and mostly flat, so shift to your big ring, find a good wheel and put the power in your pedals. Drafting and power-ups are fair game. Get a good warm-up! These races start fast.

Challenge yourself, compete against your fellow riders and get one step closer to Zwift Academy graduation. Completing this event will count towards 1 of your 4 Zwift Academy race or group ride requirements. This is a men’s only event.

About Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy

Thousands get fit, one goes pro. In partnership with Team Dimension Data, Zwift Academy is a global training community that will bring out the best in every cyclist. From August 5th - September 29th, riders are challenged to complete a program of 8 workouts designed by world class coaches, and any combination or 4 group rides and races.

Hard work pays off. You’ll unlock in-game rewards as you progress. By completion, you’ll be able to hold power for longer, hammer it on a sprint, and fly to the finish line. There is also a pro contract on the line for the top U23 man. Find out more at

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any reason these races dont count towards z points etc?
Kevin Blades wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:45 pm
any reason these races dont count towards z points etc?
I believe events under 20 mins do not attract Zpoints in respect of power data.
simple answer; tar
Kevin Blades wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:17 am
simple answer; tar
I may be mistaken: I think it’s the blue power bar chart that does not get updated for events under 20 mins.

What makes you think the event wouldn’t accrue ZPoints?

Volcano lap is not a listed segment for ZPoints and I don’t see any 90 day power PBs for you.

Edit:- I’ve checked a few others with 90 day PBs and they have earned ZPoints.
hmmm, no points for the race rankings either, unfortunately :(