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Tried zwift last year just for the workouts but really enjoying the races recently. I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of UK based teams to provide a little more social aspect of the game. Also, if anyone can recommend races to attend each week where I can be included in a league of some sort? Currently ranked as a B rider which although is a little tough, allow for some progression. Also in the north east of England if that helps with locations of teams etc for IRL rides.

Coincidentally I happen to also be a B rider in the north east. Depending on which part of the north east you are in I can point you in the direction of some local fast rides IRL but as far as zwift goes I just talk to whoever is in the training event I am doing which I choose from the event list based on whatever suits my purpose + time slot. I don't do zwift races in a team or anything

edit: I believe NTR (north tyneside riders) have their own zwift team. You'd have to join their irl club though
I’m in Newcastle , Tynemouth area. Looking at joining Muckle Cc for a few rides and see how that goes IRL. Will contact someone from NTR about Zwift though thanks!
Muckle probably do the most real life racing out of our local clubs and definitely host some fast rides but the fastest ride I know of nearest to you is in ponteland and anyone can use it. It has its own facebook group you can join (Newcastle Chain Gang 'The Blind') which will tell you where it starts and basic ettiquette for first time participants. However like most chain gangs it only gets a big turnout during the racing season and runs in the evening (tuesdays and thursdays at 6 30)

Some teams that have both a social riding side and also organise competitive rides
DiRT - Dad’s inside Riding Trainers. I am a member of this group. We have riders all across Europe and the US and probably much further a field. We use Facebook and discord. Check the teams page on zwift power for details. A fully relaxed group that you can dip in and out of as much as you want. We run training rides, social and leagues. Also have time trail teams. All chilled though.

Cryo-Gen - not a member but they seem like a really good crowd. Have been in quite a few races and have always had a good experience

3R - another good bunch of people. Have a friend who is a member. He does less racing but more training rides

TFC - don’t know too much about these but always competitive.

Hope the above helps. Writing this late on a Saturday night when should be in bed so brevity is key.
If you have any specific questions just let me know