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Hello, was wondering if someone could help me to understand/ interpret how the timings and watts/ per kilo work together. My understanding was that the rider with the highest average watts per kilo for the race would also mean they equate to be fastest in terms of time overall? I have been looking at the Feb 10th 9:10am Innsbruckring event. If someone would be able to assist or point me in the right direction to understanding more about how this works. Thanks, Wes
The fastest time wins. Period. The watts per kilogram may or may not be lower or higher. It is all about race strategy and when the power is applied.

Someone leading a group will be pulling hard and those sitting behind in the draft have it much easier. Compound this with the size of the group you are in and the speed that group is riding. Same goes for strategy on applying power uphill vs downhill vs flats.

Lastly the riders weight will effect the watts per kg. So two riders each finish a race with 2.4 w/kg one weighs 70kg and the other is 100kg. The 70kg rider averaged 168W while the 100kg rider averaged 240W. That's a big difference!

There is a lot of good info online on all of this. Google is your friend.