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What happened?? I signed up for a ride that was supposed to be the Greater London Flat and it was anything but! Joined early and there were only like 3 of us and it was 6 miles of 8-10% (see screen shots). Then after getting down the other side and thinking the finish like was in sight - was only supposed to be 10 miles - it put me back at the bottom of the climb again!

Needless to say after spending over an hour getting up the first time I wasn't doing it again so I lost all the time and effort tracking. More, to me, is what happened and if Revo TT put up an invalid race/ride?
It won't let me put screen shots in? I tried PDF, JPG and PNG but they all fail saying invalid file extensions????
DId you warm up elsewhere than London?
When you entered Pen was it London's?

You can't upload screenshots from your computer or device so would need to use a hosting site like