j'ai eu le même problème : impossible de franchir la ligne d'arrivée et sur les résultats je n’apparais nul part. pourtant ma connexion internet est très bonne.
c'est désagréable d'autant plus qu'aujourd'hui sur ZSUN 100K Base Builder (C) j'ai eu le même problème, alors qu'avant ce ne m’étais jamais arrivé.
pouvez vous me donner une explication?
I had a similar issue on Tour of New York. Crossed the finish line but result list never came up. (I must note that for TdZ stage 4 there were no result list as this as was categorized as group ride and only an on screen notice of distance, power and HR). It sabotaged my standing on ZP's Tour of New York League but I submitted a ticket to Zwift support with the issue, attached the fit-file and linked to my Strava activity. It took some time but in the end support responded and I got my jersey in my locker.
I suggest you do the same.
I had the same issue with 18:00 ride have found all fit files but zwift don't seem to be able to reload them??? and yes it was 52 mins that everyone disappeared, but
it was looking wrong from the start in that only between 1-4 riders at any one time were named all others were blank in the rider box but all P.R.'s have gone and xp points. have sent a ticket am waiting to see what happens
My ride wasn't saved in zwift power or companion, I think the popularity of the rides is causing it
Fumiya go wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:57 pm
Hi there,

I hit the finish line but the finish result for stage 4 did not appear.

Best regards,
I've had a similar experience on the TDZ stage 4, Joined on time , started and ran for a few ks..then lost connection, had to log back and rejoin the race, luckily I was able to continue the exact race but my result wasn't listed for a few hours. The Zwift Companion App showed that the event was finished but no ranks though.
Checked again this morning, yes, it's there, but some data was missing, maybe the race data wasn't complete due to the disconnection issue I had earlier.
I feel that the Zwift team is working on the issue and trying to rectify asap.
Rankings have been disabled by Zwift HQ,
Had someone from ZwiftHQ riding in stage 4 last night, he said that the rankings feature has been disabled due to client-side crashing. Something to do with 1000+ riders causing older platforms to crash.
So long as you get the email saying you've completed the stage, then no issue.
That's really a traumatic. Mine starting the TDZ 4 I experienced that I can't join an event I tried to be 30min earlier in the start line but when time to start my Zwift suddenly log off. I waited for another time slot and again same happened and also tried for other regular events/races still can't join.

Are there anyone have similar issue to me?
Please need your advises.