For those of you more knowledgeable with these matters, please explain this so I better understand it in the future, thanks.

12/16, I received 2 UPG races from WBR . From what I could tell, up to this point I had 2 races of 3.2w/kg and my averages were not yet 3.2w/kg from 3 races. I asked zwift power about this and they agreed and was not sure why WBR had UPG me for these races. WKG even had me listed as a 'C' racer 3 days later. My Live standings were a 'C' in these races also. Zwiftpower said I was not an official 'B' racer until after the race on 12/19. Thus since then I have been racing as a 'B'
I guess since no one replied to this i should not have been upged?
Countime wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:09 pm
I guess since no one replied to this i should not have been upged?
I spent some time investigating this a few weeks ago having discussed it with you via ZP's messenger. This was on 22/12/18 nearly a week after the DQs.

The DQ looked erroneous with your cat calculated at 3.19 w/kg on race day, so I therefore directed you to WBR.

They stated they had not applied the DQ and suggested ZP's automated system was at play.

I'm not aware of any other occasion where an UPG has been incorrectly applied in similar circumstances so it is hard to believe it was this time.

Therefore I doubt we will fully understand what happened.
Yes thx u were very helpful then. All good i at least know how this works.