In the Team/Results page, it would be great to be able to regroup results per event having the same name instead of regrouping them by date (current the default).
This way, for events like the Tour of London and for a specific stage, we could have all the results for our team being regrouped.
Right now this only possible using manual aggregation with cut & paste. Support for multi-stage events like the Tour of London would be great as well so that results for all stages are aggregated for a given team.

In the meantime, one other solution we had in mind was to have a script (python or other) to automate this web scrapping task and aggregate all results four our members for a given multi-stage/multi-session events like the Tour of London.
But I see that some options selected in the UI are not showing up as properties in the URL (like a search string being applied, or all event types and not only race which is the default).
So my question to you was ... do you provide any API or other mean to support this kind of custom processing ?

Thanks! The job you guys are doing is awesome for the worldwide Zwift community.