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Missing events and some start times out in Zwiftpower?

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:28 am
by profile.php?z=696594
Hi There

If I look at Zpower this morning, I do not see all events that are listed over on Zwift companion, also seems to be some timings out by an hour for some races.

The Chop (09.15 start in Zwift companion but showing 10.15 start in ZPower). Also 1 hour our for TBR Epic KOM, for e.g.

WBR Volcano Climb (10.10 start in companion, nowhere to be seen in ZPower). Actually I can't see any WBR events in ZPower

MET-5 (11.00 start in both systems)

I have looked through my settings/filters and don't see anything obvious that I could change.
Are unlisted events in ZPower still scored for skills etc?

Thanks in advance, cheers