Hi guys,

I did the SAS 'Pi + Sauce' Ride & Race this morning at 8am. The ride leaders didn't say anything during the whole ride so it split up quite quickly. It was quite good fun with the odd person flying off the front every now and then with a group of around 10 of us chasing down before the same thing happened again. I didn't know it was a race but obviously you all have a dig at the end of any event generally. I ended up 2nd with 29.21 with another person with the winner getting 29.18. All 3 of us have been DQed with the 'winner' getting 29.30 i.e. 9 seconds slower than me. The beacon was miles behind it didn't appear to be a race that started behind the beacon or anything like that.

Personally I'm not that bothered as I wasn't really intending on racing (I did a half marathon yesterday and my legs are shot to pieces and I just wanted to flush the legs out a bit), what has peed me off is that the new 'winner' and 'second' place are both with SASCC i.e. the organisers of the ride. I don't know why the 3 guys ahead of these 2 were DQed but it's a bit fishy in my opinion that in a ride which turns into a race with no instructions from the beacon caused the 3 non-SASCC riders to be DQed leaving SASCC to get 1st,2nd,4th and 5th...

If I did get DQed legitimately then fair enough, it would just be nice to know why....
Rides with race segments at the end require you to be with the beacon/leader when the race begins. Usually this is given as a message and is stated in the event description.

Organisers will manually DQ anyone significantly ahead of leader at that time.
Thanks for the reply James. I thought that was the case but the beacon was about a minute down and there were no messages from them for the duration of the ride so a lot of the riders just did their own thing. I know how annoying it is when people just sprint off with a ride with a beacon but there were no prompts at all. I'm honestly not that bothered but if the guys 9 seconds definitely weren't behind the beacon and for the most part we rode together as a group until around 2km when the guy who won took off and the guy who came 3rd and I tried to catch the speed demon.

I know it's just a game and a bit of fun but if the guys who ended up winning weren't part of the team that set up the race I wouldn't have mentioned it as it does makes me sound like a whiney little b1tch however it does seem like we've been DQed for not being in the right team.

Ultimately I'd like to know from the SAS guys why we were DQed and they guys who were 4th and 5th weren't.

Wow, I do sound like a whiney little b1tch don't it?