Is there a list of segments that count toward skill points anywhere? Internet points are motivating and I'd like to know where in Zwift I should be putting in extra effort :)
Jungle Circuit
Volcano Climb
Alpe du Zwift
Watopia Epic KOM Forward
Watopia Epic KOM Reverse
Watopia KOM Forward
Watopia KOM Reverse

London Loop Forward
London Box Hill
London Fox Hill
London Keith Hill
London Leith Hill

Innsbruck KOM Forward
Innsbruck KOM Reverse
Innsbruck UCI Lap

Richmond Libby Hill
Richmond UCI
uclown2002 wrote:
Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:42 pm
Look at Leandro's Skills for a list of all the segments :-)
ha that's pretty much what I was using up until now. Glad to know I wasn't missing an official list.

If I could make a suggestion.. it would be great to see a list of all the eligible segments and average times on your skills page and leave the effort fields blank if no effort that has been attempted during an event for that particular segment.