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Can I please get downgraded to D cat. I am struggling in C cat. I am still recovering major surgery. I was upgraded because of winning going over the wkg on some races. How can I stay D until I am ready to be upgraded?
G Morgan wrote:
Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:31 pm
Can I please get downgraded to D cat. I am struggling in C cat. I am still recovering major surgery. I was upgraded because of winning going over the wkg on some races. How can I stay D until I am ready to be upgraded?
Although your best performances were in June you exceeded the Cat D limit only 2 days ago in the WTRL Team Time Trial. Despite your recovery from major surgery how can we force a downgrade if you are already breaching the limit?
That was a team trial effort? That is not
a individual effort. Are you refusing then?
Also, that is 1 race. I certainly would not have been upgraded to C for that one race. I am only being forced to stay a C because of this 90 day rule. If you look at all my results for the past 2 weeks (at least) I am with in a Cat D limits. This is crazy I am being forced to train/recover in this way. It is not good practice surely...
I dunno - you held 2.7w/kg for 20mn and averaged 2.6w/kg for a 29km race. That's pretty solidly in Cat C.

May or may not mean anything, but weight seems to move around a bit (76kg to 83kg to 79kg in less than two weeks?) and you see to have access to the Alice's Eat Me cakes (175cm to 178cm to 180cm to 175cm in the last two weeks), and I don't know when your surgery was, seems like you've been doing races or group rides pretty much every day for months.

I hope the surgery went well. Congrats on the promotion! It's a sign you're getting stronger.
Firstly weight can change up to 1kg a day so that puts to bed your flippant comment about weight. I weigh 80kg or hovering around there. I think you will find that adds up to what is put down.
As for your other flippant comment about cakes and height I am 5ft 9in. I think that is 175cm? Obviously having quite a few spinal surgeries have caused me to shrink. I used to be 5'11". I was wrong and only discovered when at the doctors I had lost 2".I may be wrong as I was before. That is the reason for so many ballz up on my height. I don't work well with kg or cm. I deal more with ft, inches and stones and lbs.
Lastly having time off. I think if you did check I was downgraded after my surgery but put back up to C within 3 days. I have only recently be doing it every day because of the Zwift Academy. My health will not improve I have disc degenerative disease. Chiari malformation, I have had 4 brain ops. I have muscle waste in my legs....So no, its never going to improve and certainly constantly trying to compete at this level is hard. What does it matter to anyone, apart from me if I am a D cat. Am I taking away someone's glory or is it about how in control you feel.
Also AGAIN I WILL STATE A FACT. Because OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE PROBLEMS IN INDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL RACES. The race you mention is a TEAM TIME TRIAL. Compare that to my individual one and BIG Difference. Check where I came in that event too. I got dropped by my team who are C. I was just in front of a D team mate.
Hi G,
not wanting to incur your wrath, but you asked a question and you were given an answer.
I'm guessing its not the answer you were expecting. You have to be prepared to accept either
reply surely.
ZP takes Zwift to a more serious level. They have rules, and provide a free service but with
it comes an added level of scrutiny, which as keen Zwifters is why we join them. I'm sure
you are aware of this.

From reading your mail you have really been put through the mill health wise and I can
sympathise with you as I am also recovering from being knocked off my cycle by a very
fast moving car. Took me out from behind.

Ideas ?
I cannot suggest what you should do, but I stopped racing for a while. I have lowered my
FTP and use the reduction facility to lower workouts even more.
If you feel you really want to race whilst trying to recover why not drop out of ZP until you
feel ready to come back at your actual level. Zwift will let you enter any Cat you want.
I'm not sure how it works exactly but after a certain period of time without results you can
down grade yourself.

I hope this post helps calm the situation, if not I apologise now. Please feel free to ignore
these thoughts if they are not helpful.
Either way I wish you all the best with your health issues.
"Ride On"
Thank you for your opinion and advice Troy. I do enjoy the racing, the build up etc. If I enter a race as a D, I will get DQ after the race. I think this is what I will have to do though. If I log out of Zwift Power, again, I will have problems of joining the races I do enjoy. I will also not be able to enter my team races too. I will get in touch with Zwift and see what they suggest. It is pretty pretty of ZP not to downgrade though because of 1 team race. It's not as if I have ever produced 3.2 WKG.
20 min Power in TTT or ITT or race, it is still 20 min of Power. ZP is right to say NO to you.