Hi. Thanks for all the great work in the new site, it's getting some great new features!

I just thought I'd add a couple of points that have occurred to me as potential improvements, rather than being actual bugs.

I only really ever look for races in the event list, and am not generally interested in other ride types. It would be good for the selection in the event options dropdown to be persistent, so that I don't need to select it each time (I guess that it could be a series of checkboxes so I could, say, select Races and TTs.

The new live page is great, but could probably do with the event title being displayed somewhere on screen - it's on the signups, results, unfiltered and sprints tabs.

One extra thing I just remembered, the 20 min best power is not selectable as a column in the rider profile page. I realise the 95% of 20 min column is available to reflect FTP, but it would be good to know the base value too.