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I raced KISS EU TT yesterday and finished the vulcano circut three times. My best time shows up in comparison with the average on the segment site. However it does not show up in the skill calculation page. And thus I`ve got no segment point so far. Powerpoints and racepoints shows. Is there a delay in transfer of information, or something wrong with my account/set up?

Egil Garberg
Volcano Circuit is NOT a segment that is used for segment times for the Skills section. The qualifying segments are all climbs apart from Jungle Circuit and London Loop Forward. They have been included as they have a climb that lasts for at least one minute.
Thanks for your reply. If there is just sample of the segments which qualify I suggest that is stated in the Skills/FAQ page. It does influence which races/courses users want to join.
I assume that segment times only count from races, and not from other group rides that are tracked by ZP.