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MGCC - Morning Glory Cycling Club is Toronto (Canada) based cycling club with over 1000 members. We have riders of all levels, from beginners up to ex-pro cyclists.
On Zwift we host a few events such as:
- Tuesday’s MGCC Pursuit Race: a nice race where D’s leave first, than C’s, B’s and finally A’s... you better be fast, work as group and don’t let the pursuit groups catch you!
- Saturday’s MGCC Hang On Ride: a hard fun ride, where we increase the pace a we go, the goal is to hang-on to the lead peloton for as long as you can. Casualties are inevitable!
- Sunday’s MGCC Pretzel: a long steady ride, a great opportunity for A & B riders to have a steady ride, and also a good opportunity for C & D riders stretch their abilities.
If you want to find out more about us check:
- Real Life Rides: http://www.mgridetoronto.com/
- Zwift Rides: https://www.facebook.com/groups/323925517987763/
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