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Day Date Time Riders
Saturday 20-07-2019 02:00 Gregory Juviler
Friday 19-07-2019 22:00 Vince Kim🤖TFC
Friday 19-07-2019 21:00 G Morgan TFC RACING
Friday 19-07-2019 20:00 Dave Kerr TFC
Friday 19-07-2019 19:00 Andrew Robinson TFC Racing Akers Harake Lee Robinson TFC Simon Rigby Jim Peyton, TeamTFC.com (C) Robert Carlin Guy Vdsmis TFC Chris Gregory Robert McEwan 5118 Michiel Kersten G Morgan TFC RACING Daniel Mould
Friday 19-07-2019 17:00 Richard Gubby
Friday 19-07-2019 14:00 Richard Port
Friday 19-07-2019 08:00 Peter Simpson
Friday 19-07-2019 05:00 Eric David Pierce
Friday 19-07-2019 02:00 Bill Manion
Thursday 18-07-2019 21:00 Paul Boardman
Thursday 18-07-2019 19:00 Simon Rigby Simon Rigby
Thursday 18-07-2019 18:00 Gus Goad TFC
Thursday 18-07-2019 08:00 Peter Simpson
Thursday 18-07-2019 02:00 Ryan DeadPool Miller TFC A Rose Tom Stella Bill Manion Marina Larson (Mareeny) TFC Gregory Juviler Charlie "Dactah" Miller TFC Alex Ihnen
Thursday 18-07-2019 00:00 Karl Jackson Marina Larson (Mareeny) TFC
Wednesday 17-07-2019 21:00 Jules Cantwell
Wednesday 17-07-2019 20:00 G Morgan TFC RACING
Wednesday 17-07-2019 19:00 William Warthon
Wednesday 17-07-2019 18:00 Ryan DeadPool Miller TFC Akers Harake Lee Robinson TFC G Morgan TFC RACING Daniel Mould Dave Kerr TFC Nick Keat TFC Lar Hayden TFC (C) Eric David Pierce John Polak Andrew Robinson TFC Racing Nick Nellis 🔰 Michael Blom David Mulholland Jim Peyton, TeamTFC.com (C) Jon Arnar Sigurjonsson TFC Michiel Kersten
Wednesday 17-07-2019 16:00 Kevin Jones
Wednesday 17-07-2019 15:00 Peter Robb | TFC ⚡
Wednesday 17-07-2019 06:00 Bird Man
Wednesday 17-07-2019 02:00 Ryan DeadPool Miller TFC Bill Manion
Wednesday 17-07-2019 01:00 Shaun Greffard TFC
Wednesday 17-07-2019 00:00 Vince Kim🤖TFC Robert Carlin
Tuesday 16-07-2019 21:00 Simon Rigby
Tuesday 16-07-2019 20:00 Mike Roberts (NC) Richard Gubby Alex Ihnen Dave Kerr TFC Jon Arnar Sigurjonsson TFC
Tuesday 16-07-2019 19:00 Steve Stahl Damon McKay Akers Harake Pål Eddy Stokvik Øyvind Bertelsen-Tangvik 🐝
Tuesday 16-07-2019 18:00 Truls Dishington Michiel Kersten
Tuesday 16-07-2019 11:00 Dave Brodmann
Tuesday 16-07-2019 07:00 Nik Hall
Tuesday 16-07-2019 05:00 A Rose
Tuesday 16-07-2019 03:00 Aaron Miller
Tuesday 16-07-2019 02:00 A Rose
Tuesday 16-07-2019 00:00 Shaun Greffard TFC Vince Kim🤖TFC Chris Pink - TFC
Monday 15-07-2019 19:00 Guy Vdsmis TFC Mandy McCoy G Morgan TFC RACING Jules Cantwell
Monday 15-07-2019 18:00 Alan Wyers Michael Blom Rikard Hageskal Guy Vdsmis TFC
Monday 15-07-2019 11:00 Tony Lewis
Monday 15-07-2019 07:00 Bird Man
Monday 15-07-2019 03:00 A Rose Ryan DeadPool Miller TFC
Sunday 14-07-2019 20:00 Dave Kerr TFC
Sunday 14-07-2019 18:00 Michiel Kersten Jon Arnar Sigurjonsson TFC G Morgan TFC RACING Matthew Burton
Sunday 14-07-2019 15:00 Shaun Greffard TFC Pål Eddy Stokvik
Sunday 14-07-2019 14:00 Nik Hall
Sunday 14-07-2019 10:00 Ruth Stapleton SNCC Jamie Bishop TFC
Sunday 14-07-2019 09:00 Michael Blom
Sunday 14-07-2019 07:00 Nick Nellis 🔰
Saturday 13-07-2019 20:00 G Morgan TFC RACING
Saturday 13-07-2019 19:00 Jules Cantwell
Saturday 13-07-2019 17:00 Robert Carlin Reg Bestwick TFC
Saturday 13-07-2019 15:00 Jarad Watts Simon Rigby Daniel Mould
Contact: https://www.teamtfc.com

Team TFC invites all potential riders who are interested in racing.
We have teams in A, B, C, D and Ladies Cat's.
If you are interested in joining please check out the website to learn more about us (TeamTFC.com) and then apply to join on both Facebook and Zwiftpower.
Our Admin team will then carry out a series of checks on each rider.
We run four TFC races on a Friday evening, EU A,B,C,D & a separate EU D shorter race. US A,B,C,D & a separate US D shorter race. We also arrange a Sunday evening social group ride.
Race results will be published on Zwiftpower and on the TFC fb page.
We try to enter teams in all Zwift Team races and our regular racers race in many different races during the week.
This is normally discussed on the fb page during the week.
We have our own IRL TFC race kit which can be purchased through Primal Europe.
Many of our racers race IRL and the TFC kit can be seen at numerous events.
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