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If a priority event is running most other activity is suspended.
This should now be fixed.
The settings tab allows you to make any changes necessary, such as assign to a Zwift event. You only need to recreate to import a Zwift activity.
The rider in 3rd was categorised with 3.19wkg prior to the race, so correctly entered as a C. They have been upgraded to B for their next race based on effort produced. All riders are allowed to exceed category limits by 0.2wkg if they entered the correct category to begin with.
Minor timing differences will be due to the randomness of network and PC lag.

Technically timed rides should have trophies removed but I've never got around to implementing.

Zwift do not send us data on distance covered.
There is a delete option on the settings tab of each dataset.
That would be something for the community and race organisers to decide. ZwiftPower will not be enforcing any rules based on data uploaded. Transparency here is an entirely voluntary system.
Yearly total is taken from activities.
Total is the value Zwift store on your account.

Sometimes when your game crashes or you discard an activity the distance/elevation data is not saved to your account.

There may be a Zwift bug right now preventing the totals from updating since last update.
Marked as ERROR.