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Great, thanks!
Zwift crashed just as the timer ran out for "I'm toast" upon completion of ramp test. Is there any way of retrieving that info from the ride?

Otherwise, at least I used my garmin also so the data is there. Is Zwift's ramptest 75% of max 1min power?
Beautiful, well done!

Thank you!
Yes, I was 7:th some seconds, 25-30, after the top-6 group.

But if it’s complicated, never mind.
You’re correct. Doesn’t say finished but shows the distance and time for the complete race, as well as that I’ve done 6 laps.

Any way I can enforce it to understand I’ve finished?
I did the ZHR morning Tea Race. Had heart rate and power and connected zwift power.

I get the actual ride file in Zwift Power but not the race, and I'm not included in the results, neither among the filtered.

Any idea of what is happening?