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Hei If you can, then delete my results from todays race. My power meter must have been faulty for this race. I didnt get a chance to calibrate it before the race so it might have been that. I very much doubt that I really can produce todays results. thanks in advance. Regards Jan Ivar Bringedal Done.
12/25/18 WBR Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race (27.7km 1444m) During this activity, my power meter was offline several times. After reconnecting,Power meter error, I did not step on it, power meter showed 2000 watts. This was recorded, which caused my 15s short sprinter to be too high. Can you delete my this ...
I changed my name on from Eddy Creemers to Eddy Creemers[VFox]. This is because I joined the VFox-team... Then I refreshed my profile on ZwiftPower, but my new alias is not in the list of aliases. What do I do to change that, so I can compete for VFox? You are on the pending list for t...
MartinWright wrote:
Tue Feb 19, 2019 2:38 pm
How do you delete a race result, ive had the same problem with a overpower result. .... my FTP wewnt up 36 after the race lol...
Done but please ensure you calibrate your trainer.
I'm assuming the new "race licence" that has appeared on profiles will eventually work like IRL where you accumulate points based on results in races. Once you reach set number of points you must move up cats. this will force riders who endlessly win say, the C cat, but who monitor ZP live to ensur...
Be aware a race organiser can amend their results to force a suspended rider in to their results as you can see in the OP's profle.
You need to use the Username used for registration which is often different from their ZwiftPower displayed name.

Find a member should also work if you know their registered email too for example.
Hi ! I'm leader of team ZWIFT_BZH. I have a recurent issue when trying to add new members of my team as friends : I keep getting the message "The usernames you specified could either not be found or are not activated users". I've checked with my team mates and they are registered. I've tried the se...
I am trying to understand why a teammate was recently removed from race results. According to 3R race rules ( "Riders whose 95% power places them two or more categories higher than the one entered will be given a "WKG" disqualification." My teammate only fell one category...
dgiampaolo wrote:
Mon Feb 18, 2019 6:38 pm

However is there a way to tell from the main page that lists all events? If not, it might be worth adding an icon for it.

I don't believe so.