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I noticed there's a ride Tour of London // Stage 5 that has many PRs but I believe my trainer was acting up during that ride and was wondering if I could get that log removed or omitted? As of this moment, it holds nearly all the PRs for my profile and doubt it's the case.
Ah that makes sense, appreciate the explanation.
I noticed mostly everyone had their category changed on this ride. What was the reason for it? ZP has me as a cat C rider but was moved to cat B along with many others. Just more curious than anything.

Avg watts 190 / 72kg = 2.64w/kg
How does one go about updating their email address on ZP? The search function on the forum told me that I was using too many common words - so here I am. Any help is appreciated.
Just following up to see if I need to do anything on my end to get it to update?
Thanks Craig, appreciate it!
Any chance my race can be listed as C instead of UPG? Completely by accident as I joined D with 3 seconds until start and couldn’t change it in time.
Under the SUB2 ride, just curious. I completed this ride with everyone, may have finished ahead of lead...
1// The ride is showing MAP rather than the category. I figure there was an issue since I could see the group leader messages, but I wasn't physically riding with anyone from the group ride, although it showed that I finished it when the hour was up. Rather it deleted if it couldn't be fixed. 2// Th...
Hi there,

I noticed that one of my rides was labelled DNF when I did indeed finish the full ride and was logged as such within Zwift. Am I able to get a reason to why? Doesn't matter to me, just more out of curiosity for future.

1/6/19 PACK 1.5 - The Big Easy