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Hi everyone, So, I decided to test the "height doping" theory tonight in a race to see just how much, if any, advantage it provides a rider. I can attest that it provided me with an advantage. I dropped my height from ~178 cm to ~147cm. My typical w/kg during races will fall between 3.6 to 3.8. Ton...
Look assessing ranking only from finishers is one issue, but damn can you at least show those who have started races and quit in the result. Maybe it will encourage them to not quit after being dropped. Annoying that some higher ranked riders keep pulling the plug to protect ranking.
Please note Sticky I have changed my height to 5’11” from 6’0” Before last week I did not know height doping was a thing. Consequently when I started zwift a year ago I paid little attention to it, I rounded my height up to 6’0” not thinking anything of it, I mean who doesn’t want to be taller right...
Zwift Powaaaaa do a retroactive update to show everyone height changes in the past lol

I know for sure people will be exposed, and some big names too... probably so much so that it will never happen, because it may hurt the image of the game and KISS League
I have seen users with a considerable discrepancy between weight in Strava and weight in ZwiftPower. I'm not saying that it is intentional cheating, but it could be. Since it would be harder to fool your mates on Strava that knows you well than strangers here on ZwiftPower, it could be an incentive...
This makes alot of sense now... This height thing is extremely disappointing lol It takes alot more than knowing height to determine CdA Zwift apparently knows my flexibility, bike positioning and whether I climb in saddle or off saddle (yes that matters IRL) 👎 Gimme some damn crosswinds or some mec...
You get assessed against other finishers only. We use USAC rules with some adaptation for small fields. Man that's a massive flaw in the ranking system. So much so, that it kinda invalidates the entire system. Racers can just pull the plug on their race if they get dropped. And not have any negativ...
Question, this whole ranking system is confusing to me... I try not to dig to deeply into it. But sometimes I have questions. I was reading, to improve ranking one of the things you must do is to beat riders who are ranked better than you... My question: What happens when riders who are ranked bette...
Hey apologies in advance, I am not very active on the forum. Between training, zwifting, family and work not much time to stay up to date with the technical stuff.

What happened to CEVA?
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Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:00 pm
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Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:48 pm
Hi Sticky

Can you remove my result from Friday 1/11/19 Tour de Zwift - Stage 4.

Much Thanks Sticky 👍