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Thats messed up
From what i can tell it decreased everyones ranking. And it actually changed peeps catagories i e b to c
Fast twitch muscles
Mine is 99% i am a sandbagger i guess with my asthma/ lungs that hold 70% (low ftp ) of what they should and been lifting heavy weights for 37 years.
Thats how u end up with 99%
So if i follow a specific rider on my companion app and click on their profile in zp, it will show they have signup for upcoming races. Yet when i click on that area the races they are doing does not come up. Is this because they have selected a option so others cannot see their future races?
Eventhough i may not agree with how this is being handled. Be nicer bath! ( zp has always done me right ) I too have had similar issues with being dqed in the past when it was not warranted and when contacting the “organizers “ none of them would get back to me” subsequently zp would fix such issues .
Why are people not dqed in this. If its not a race then why does it effect our rankings.
Yes like i said if the groups start together they can draft etc. but if cat 4/5 starts at 11am and cat 3 starts at 1110am The cat 4/5 cannot jump on the cat 3 race if they pass etc
There is no zwift picture?