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They’ve been in my drop shop since it appeared and still are now
The KISS ones do force you on to a TT bike.
Race in Cat B. how many pages before you count 10 80+kg riders?
Some good points but it's hard to judge RL data to Zwift. In RL I personally refuse to go above 30mph at 27 i start to get scared and back off so my average mph is a lot lower than it could be as a result. I'm also the worst corner taker you would ever see, i'm so stiff on the bike i can't relax to...
Such a funny thing weight isn’t it. When I was playing rugby I was training or playing 4 times a week and well happy at 105kg, I hover around 94kg for my lightweight cycling body. When I did La Marmotte I got down to 88kg and my family thought I was terminally ill! I can’t imagine what it must feel ...
Kevin Blades wrote:
Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:59 am
carl i dont agree with you on that but each to their own
I can’t find any real life performance anywhere on the Strava profile
You do get put on the Zwift TT bike if you don’t pick one.
Kevin Blades wrote:
Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:00 pm
yeah spotted that, quite a few dodgy results above me in that race.
No real life performance.
If I’m rolling at 320W around the front of a group and drop below 300 I go backwards and out the group quickly!

Is that because I’ve been honest about my height do you think?

And you’re right, later on if I check my results I’m always being beaten by people who seem to be able to hide.