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What is the real benefit of faking your weight? I thought heavier people were always faster on Zwift? Or is that myth only true when it suits people? I’m a terrible Cat B racer according to Zwiftpower, yet in real life I cruise along blasting people off leaderboards on Strava and on the road. I’m a ...
I’m 190cm, my bars are nearly 200mm lower than my saddle.

I’ve put my height at 190cm.

In real life I can put my palms flat on the floor, but I’m slowed by the Zwift algorithm.

Any tips on how I should beat beat people who are midgets but ride upright?
I’m not an algorithm expert, and I’ve only been plodding around for a few months, but are all of the category A+ riders registered as 150kg? I can’t find any around that are heavy. Loads of people post on here about heavy riders being favoured, but from what I can see that is never the case in a rac...
I was just asking a simple question, no offence intended.

Has anyone ever run an event for Zpower riders only? It might encourage new people to try a race.

After all, why bother if you think you might get a DQ for doing well?

Why don’t ZHR run Zpower only events?

It’s always fun!

I’ve never used anything other than my Direto. I might just try my rollers with a speed sensor once as a comparison.
I have my smart scale linked to Zwift. It automatically updates my weight. Should I set a fixed racing weight or let the scale auto update my weight everyday? I'm not sure what the correct approach is, or if there is a standard weight deviation before riders update a fixed weight? I am aware of ali...
Sounds great!
Above Cat D there is Cat C you know, it doesn’t cost any more to enter :D
It depends on the number and quality of riders in your class.

Also don’t forget sometimes races aren’t fully moderated until the next day.