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Does the jungle circuit actually count do you know? I’m sure I’ve done it in the last few months at least 3 times?
It doesn’t matter how many times you recalibrate your Direto, you’ll be 50W down on a Tacx trainer :lol:
Use the Elite app. The smoothing setting is number of revolutions, not seconds, which makes a difference in ERG mode.
My son is 12 and weighs 51kg
I got beaten soundly today by two people without heart rate meters, they were also 30kg lighter than me. If I apply Monty Pythons logic, does that mean my heart rate meter weighs 30kg?

I’m off to get food poisoning to lose a bit of weight! :D
The problem with your assumptions is that you assume wattage increases directly with weight. That's far from true. Yes, heavier riders can often create more power, but there comes a point where more power is physiologically impossible. There are many lightweight zwifters who can do 4.5-5 or more w/...
Bearing in mind most racers only put max effort in for 5% of the time it seems odd doesn’t it?
But the lower the setting the faster you can push downhills. So for training and TT events I run 100%, for races normally 30%.
Does Zwift actually police anything at all?
I get the same error message just for info