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Will people entering lower Cat's than their current's being Upgraded or DQ'd?
Seems that a few have entered the wrong Cat ;)
From July 11th where i firstly start to use the Direto
Hi Sticky and James,

Ingave nought myself a new trainer (Elite Direto) since a few weeks and i am not able to meet the powernl numbers i had before when on the Tacx Vortex.

Think I am currently in the wrong cat.
Can you set me back to C cat, please.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sticky,
I noticed a "Transparancy" tab added to my profile, but my Italian is not very good ;)

Can you explain the purpose of this?

Are there no license Points given for this race?
This is really cool to select races where you can see he proxy ranking points by Cat, but why is this not visible for all races?
Its back on..thanks again :)
Hi Sticky,

On last Thursday's BRT Crit there were ranking / racing license points added, but now they seem to be lost for all riders.

Any idea what happened?
Thanks James for adding me, nope i reckon it is my Wifi connection / stability on the laptop.

Probably distance is too far away from the modem..