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Its back on..thanks again :)
Hi Sticky,

On last Thursday's BRT Crit there were ranking / racing license points added, but now they seem to be lost for all riders.

Any idea what happened?
Thanks James for adding me, nope i reckon it is my Wifi connection / stability on the laptop.

Probably distance is too far away from the modem..
Hi Sticky, It's pretty anoying, but 2 times in a row tonight I have finished an activity but Zwift seems not to register it properly. My Ramptest is not on ZP which I understand, but the race I did: GGCC Glasgow Green Cycle Club Race Series, I did finish it for sure. Ok I finished as last in the B c...
Hi Sticky,
It must be some magic but now they are in my list too 😃
Thanks Aaron.

Will see if it is happening in a few data time, i have a few doubts though ;)
Just checking the profile and was wondering why He's in B cat and done all races in B cat without being upgraded or disqualified?
Thanks for your Swift reply.

I did it for 3 of them, but they are still not appearing in my following list.
Hi, I am checking my list of friends and i figured out that there are some 52 following me, but somehow i am not following them according to ZP? Hoe is this possible as i am definately following these on Zwift. How can i make sure that they are appearing on my Friends list. Followers you are not fol...
I am still using the Vortex but, i believe it must have been miscalibrated at that time period