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Hi, I think we were have a bad comprehension, I asked how to can I come back in category C because my new powermerter on my pedal has decrease my statistics. Now, I'm in category C but I lost all my statistics of my profile, it is like my profile has been reseted, I lost all my races, all my Zpoints...
Hi, I have a question about my status of category, presently I'm ranking like a B because before I used a powermerter in my home trainer. But now since seven days ago I have a new powermeter in my cranket and it is this one that I use now, but my statistics are very decrease, even my FTP has decreas...
Hi, I have a question, sometimes when I take a look on the profile of some racers I see the the symbol for Searching for team. I would like to know what can I do for contact those racers for invite in my team, Must I to be the owner of my team or I can do it even if I'm just a racer in my team? Thanks
Hi, I have a question this morning. When I take a look on my profil, I see that all my statistic had decrease. If you take a look on my race results you will see the scores in red that are not representativ of my statistics. ( they are much better) I would like to know if my statistic's decrease is ...
Hi, Yesterday after my race I were upgraded from category C to B and this morning I have something new in my dashboard. Just beside of my my level 13 a tab name Gold with the number zero and when I pass my mouse on it it's wrote ''Total Gold available'' I would like to know what does it mean? Thanks

I have a little question, I would like to know what does mean the little orange man beside the name of racer.

Hi, It's me again!! sorry to get back to the load again with the points system after a race but I need information on how you award the points after a race because in the one I did yesterday it's up to nothing understand. If we forget the points to assign to the first, second and third place, explai...

I have a little question: I would like to know why somes people have in ther right up corner a pourcentage of Punch, and sommes others like me doesn't have it? and what does mean this Punch term?


Thanks for the answer.
No, I'm talking about the Rank pts point, awarded within the structure of Rank? These points doesn't change.

I would like to know what why these points doesn't change even if I make somes points.