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So my team and I really enjoyed the KCL the last two months. After the re-race of Richmond's conegate last week I guess everyone thought the league was over. At the moment still no message, announcement or whatsoever from zwift/kiss about wrapping up the (first edition) KCL has been posted. Besides ...
What does the punch % mean on my profile page?
Since the introduction of the KSL, KSL woman and the regional KCL, the focus on teams for racing is bigger than ever. To follow this trend; wouldn't it be nice to have some overall team ranking on ZwiftPower? Based on the average racing points of the top XX of each team, or something like that?
Isn't it nice to have some kind of team ranking list? Like the average score of each team, or the average score of the top riders of a team or something like that?
Yeah since the competition would start in just 2 days I was curious if there was any more information available now!
Will men and woman be in the same or separate categories?