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Ah maybe "No Dual Record" for top-placed finishers
S.ticky wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:55 pm
doctordevlin wrote:
Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:04 pm
I've just seen a NDR disq code. What is that one?
I've just seen a NDR disq code. What is that one?
I'm not showing up at all. Weird. I've done running events perviously without issue. Connection issues maybe?
Holy dooly that was fast!
Hello ZP Gods
Would it be possible to get a column that has the rider's race ranking at the time of entry available on the results page? (Like the one on the sign-up page). The rank change column is nice but showing a rider's actual rank would also be very useful.
Merci ... 0899729184
Very spikey and this happens all the time. Companion app says it's from a smart trainer, but perhaps wheel-on?
I posted here because he is a ZHR rider
nice data still have the heavy guys winning in all races tho; the moutain one really should be more populated at the front with the lighter riders The graph shouldn't be anything else apart from what it is; a display of the objective data. If you think the graph should show something else, then you...
Nice one. Sweet data
Group workouts are different to sticky draft. The algorithm that is designed to keep the whole bunch together goes a bit crazy when there is more than 100 people, I had to stop for something during one of the Andre Greipel ALS workouts and while my avatar was coasting down to a stop everyone piled u...