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To stop flyers in group events. See

Nice looks like this has been added. Thanks ZP :D.
I've had similar issues Edu, a load that were not showing up did show up after I refreshed y profile. It wasn't immediate though, took a day I think. All but one of your samples I also follow and can see under friends so it should be possible for you to see them (i.e. accounts are public).
Would it be possible for add an indicator to the event list where a member of your team is signed up to an event. I.e. exactly what the friends icon does but for riders listed in the same ZP team as your are a member of. I know you could friend all the riders in the team via the companion app howeve...
@sticky will there be a new tag for anyone caught abusing the Ant+ stickyness issue?

Is there anywhere we can see who is banned at any given time?
Thanks Sticky. Makes sense. Didn't realise the license was an average of your best. That presumably explains why it can also change without you riding as results go out of scope.
Could we have some way of seeing how our race license rank has varied over time please. A graph of some kind would be great. It would be useful to see if it is improving more easily. While on the topic how does the rank work. In my profile the event I did on 30/04 suggests my rank dropped to 290.75 ...
Can the event organiser not force the whole field to the same bike for TTs? Gives a nice level playing field :D.
I don't know I'm afraid. I am not involved with the event organisation. Probably best to re-post in the 'brteventz' group on facebook as the event admins frequent that.
👍 Congrats. It's hard moving up but it'll make you stronger.