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Thanks Sticky. Makes sense. Didn't realise the license was an average of your best. That presumably explains why it can also change without you riding as results go out of scope.
Could we have some way of seeing how our race license rank has varied over time please. A graph of some kind would be great. It would be useful to see if it is improving more easily. While on the topic how does the rank work. In my profile the event I did on 30/04 suggests my rank dropped to 290.75 ...
Can the event organiser not force the whole field to the same bike for TTs? Gives a nice level playing field :D.
I don't know I'm afraid. I am not involved with the event organisation. Probably best to re-post in the 'brteventz' group on facebook as the event admins frequent that.
👍 Congrats. It's hard moving up but it'll make you stronger.
I'd argue that if you have to manage it to stay in limits then you should do the right thing and upgrade.
The gold winner has since been upgraded to B and now races B. He was C at the time of that race.The others are on the borderline. Yes they were over for that race but their 95% avg of 20 mins averaged over best three races in 90 days is under. The rider you linked I think most of his results are out...
Good to see your using a turbo that's considered accurate (unlike some which over read).

If you miss A there is always the option of self selecting the higher cat in your zwift power profile. Something tells me you'd still do quite well.
You'd drop a fair few Watts and all your stamina if you try that 😜
Now that I wasn't expecting :D It might be that WBR are using a different rule set, or perhaps you were upgraded manually. While it probably sounds like it above I'm not accusing you of cheating. Its just that your power levels are quite impressive and so far over the normal B levels (ignoring the r...