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Wow,you guys care way too much. Plus you are guessing. Pic maybe old? Whatever. Its not you they are hurting. Just get fit and worry about yourself. We arent winning money for placing in a virtual game. that must have been a great spring 2019 when you were dominating B races on a bad calibrated tra...
how about race in your correct cat
cheers sticky every day a school day
new feature spotted which says number of rider in wrong cat; when did that happen. dsq already in the live tab lol
i look forward to seeing many dual recording posted up for this event :roll:
maybe post up a dual recording next time you race seeing you have power pedals on your turbo
ive been in races with him he just posts nonsense constantly; bit of an idiot tbh!
He may or may not be legit but it's not that inconceivable that a 62 year old could stay with the front group. He's 17th in the 60+ race rankings..... quick look at his strava suggest he is not doing 300 watts for 20 minutes; just sayin like; decent rider tho can ave 20 mph over 50 miles. Kevin I d...
KOA Sports Warrior race yesterday. Some 60+ guy Wintin is with the remaining A riders to the very end, guys like Brian Hodges, and wins the B category at 4.1wkg no HR. Not possible. He may or may not be legit but it's not that inconceivable that a 62 yea...
hmmm was 65kg when racing with I assume a dietitian so eating a diet taylored to doing his best in races, now 57kg says he has a food disorder; bit like many pros getting "asthma" done for doping too.