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why? does the graph take into account what trainers riders are using, dd, vs non dd smart, vs dumb; are they with a power meter?, height doping weight doping etc, too many variables which are not taken into account. for that graph to be scientifically correct, for it to have true merit every rider s...
really carl you know how much effort each individual is putting in, amazing that can i have the lottery numbers this week too; to add they are scatter graphs with a line of best fit so in the scientific world not the best way to gleen accurate information
always a bigger fish (unfortunately)
i can verify the above statement when trying to keep up with sticky et al in kiss races!!!
struggle to compete?? you are winning and top 5 for most of your races coming bottom is struggling to add your well above the cut off point for c so yes you should be racing in b
nice data still have the heavy guys winning in all races tho; the moutain one really should be more populated at the front with the lighter riders
shouldnt the olympian lass be in the A cat??
that depends on if the pedals are duo or mono reading, if mono then its very possible the watts are wrong assuming said rider has a leg imbalance
you on facebook? join the tacx neo owners forum
@ chris obteng so now your reverting to hurling abuse at a fellow zwift power rider, this i find unacceptable if you cant respond in a gentlemanly way then maybe admins should be having a word with you. Nothing i said early was abusive or rude i was stating a point if we do not pull thing up when th...