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Is the above possible? I set up a meet up which includes Alpe du Zwift but prefer a less hilly course.

Is it possible to change course once started on a route via meet up ?


It looks like the max points from segments and power has increased from 12 x 600 points >>>>>>> 12 x 1000 points or possibly 20 x 600 points (unlikely). Then you add racing points. Previous the maximum points per segment/power was 600 . I'm guessing but they have probably extended it to 1000 points....
And try racing a few proper hilly events :)
Also read about Draft ( it seems that Zwift traditionaly uses half draft irl) - some races are now using Double Draft which is more like the draft irl
To change your weight: login into to Zwift and change it there.
It means the person is looking for a team