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Are racing points awarded in this series? I'm 80-90% sure that no they won't. My understanding is that if they aren't already awarded then they aren't likely to arrive. Whoever sets up the event picks an option that makes points appear or not, Zwift typically hasn't set the race up that way. 10-20%...
Are racing points awarded in this series?
Cool, thanks
Powerups allowed in this series?
Haha, thanks.

Zwift needs to get their act together. Fumbling the basics.
Companion app says 50.4 MILES

Zwiftpower shows this as 55 KM

Which one is accurate?
Is downtown Watopia the finish line for this last race? The distance to go counter has been super wonky so I don't want to rely on that.
Looks like the same thing he happened to zwift insider on the same race. ... tance-bug/
Come on guys you know the bug wasnt fixed and you guys are pretty much experienced racers, you should know the course and knowing where to sprint or not Honestly, I never even knew there was an ongoing bug. Most races I know the course very well and automatically know where the finish line is. This...
That bug ruined my chances today. Pretty angry about it.