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Very good news Sticky. Thank you!
ZwiftHQ really needs to address people entering outside their categories. Everytime the same issue.


Well, the category rules are the category rules and here are sandbaggers in real life too I suppose. It's only zwift racing so I'll just be content with the decent training I got in I understand you, but you can’t be a sandbagger in Alpe du Zwift. A sandbagger, if a understand correctly, is someone...
CAT C Race - - Beautiful, beautiful race!
Terrain resistance or any other rider calculation shouldn't be on the client side anyway. The Zwift servers should make this calculation. I understand the reasons after this software design, but consequences are quite serious.
CAT C Race - - I miss Richard Dale, Patrick Harvey, Morten Skjolddal or Bath Salts on C, but Rick Barbera is a real hard-to-beat guy. Thank you mate, you made me give 110%.
I do like the ranking system approach. And to know during the race not the CAT but the ranking level or racers.
Zwiftpower would be a sad and lonely place without the ultimate Canadian Warrior: Bath Salts.

(Nos Canadian, but more or less)
From Facebook Zwift Racers Group page : " Glen Knight -> It’s been permanently removed. We don’t have the resources to continue with this as part of zwiftpower and it is not required to produce race results. To ensure continued stability of the platform this feature has been removed and is unlikely ...