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Hello and sorry for bothering. Can you apply trainer upgrade from Tuesday, October 11, 2016? i got a powermeter then.
+1. I know nothing is impossible for James, but is not going to be easy.
Please, stop the witch-hunt, "this guy" in the norsemen is an amazing and fair guy.
Bath, please consider that you can be wrong. Steven wrote something so mature and real that you should listen to him.
I'm not completely sure if this is the case, but I got some problems like these. Usually the one who is cloaked only see himself and there is no list of other racers in the right part. These events happens when you join and event then leave and close Zwift and then join another event very quickly. S...
At top level, the KISS races congregate top racers. In staggered and categorized races the WTRL series are awesome. Very famous and crowed too are the SZR series. 3R races are all across the day and are always fun. The timezone is critical for good races. Racing in the morning is discouraging. There...
Usually races are not won by raw wattage. Those 3 bumps are the key of the race in Richmond. The faster on those, the more chances to win the race. Even in TT races, you need to know when to push and when to rest. 5 minute effort is a key factor in the actual courses on zwift. The 4 big climbs in or...
Understand Sticky :(
My races are not being updated in the page (C CAT).

The last one that is listed is outdated (KISS Choice Race - EU PM - Short) but i id yesterday the 3R Ultimate Racing League (Race 7/7) [Innsbruck Ring 52.8km].

Thank you in advance.