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Fixed! Thanks ๐Ÿ™
I noticed I was listed in the A cat today, but my best 3 95perc efforts donโ€™t seem to councide with thise listed in my race results? Small glitch or new ranking system?

But Sticky already mentioned that ZP is moving to a ranking-based system. Unless someone comes up with something better (with some maths to prove it) I'm not sure if there's a point hypothesizing โ€” just put your votes in for making rankings a priority ;) I missed that announcement. Eagerly awaiting...
No category system is going to be perfect. Either on Zwift or IRL, when you line up at a race there will be stronger and weaker riders. That's just life. Not everyone is capable of competing for the win in every race. There will always be people who are on the boundaries of every category, no matte...
There are upsides and downsides to any system. There is a major downside to this idea in that it would be very difficult for a casual D or C level cyclist (who has zero aspiration of becoming an A) to be successful. Many (if not most) beginners on Zwift are NOT beginners to cycling. There is a larg...
(I mean the rational behind no longer showing the statistic on the basis a rider gets DQd if exceeding cat limits)
I see. Any idea what the rational behind that is?
I hope it is reintroduced somehow

There's also an issue with the 95%x20min power value that now just shows the 20 min average, fyi.
The points are displayed, but the ranking is not. Or am I missing something?