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I'm thinking we change the Cat boundaries:- For example, Cat B 3.2 w/kg and 200w OR Race Ranking <400 pts. This would really be a giant leap forward for the fairness of the classification system. I'd propose to put the A cut off in the vicinity of 275. But I am wondering, what would be the issue wi...
S.ticky wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:26 am
bath salts wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:11 am
Case in point:

When lower cat rider beats all riders of a higher cat, should get both gold trophies.
Or maybe said rider gets an automatic upgrade to the higher Cat?

Will discuss with developer.
A graph illustrating the evolution of your ranking would be a nice addition! just an idea

Also an all time power curve, in additional to the 30 and 90 days that is available now. would be nice to benchmark your current form to past performance.
To pick up on this: how is it within the A(+) cat?

Can I, as an A rider, score ranking points by beating an A+ ranked rider?
Alternatively you could enter Cat C if sign ups were low for Ds. You would then have a better opportunity to gain ranking points particularly as your field would be stronger. You would still be listed in Cat D rankings though. Are you sure that simply signing up for the C cat would allow you to gai...
You can manually cat up in ZP, fyi. Apologies, not quite sure what this means/entails. I'm a D Cat rider, and would likely get squashed like a bug riding against Cat C riders, at least until I get stronger and/or lose weight. If I manually cat up in ZP, doesn't that mean I have to race in Cat C as ...
An IT-guy’s way of saying he feels lonely?
You can manually cat up in ZP, fyi.
Fixed! Thanks 🙏
I noticed I was listed in the A cat today, but my best 3 95perc efforts don’t seem to councide with thise listed in my race results? Small glitch or new ranking system?